Minecraft University Alliance (MUA) is a public welfare organisation aiming to unite Minecraft enthusiasts from colleges and universities across the country to jointly promote the ecological development of Minecraft in colleges and universities. So far, there are more than 100 collegiate Minecraft organisations joining MUA, covering all geographic regions of the country, spreading across most provinces, and including major 985 and 211 engineering schools and a considerable number of other schools.

We are here to provide a platform for the exchange of gaming experience, community operation and development experience, and technology development experience, as well as a platform for the sharing of various university activities, major projects, and high-quality resources. Since its development, the University Alliance has actually been around Minecraft but is not limited to Minecraft, assuming the functions of socialising, organising, publicising, researching and developing with the main bodies of university students from university interest clubs.

Official website: https://www.mualliance.cn

Survey Report on Minecraft Organisations in Colleges and Universities

The report by visiting, asking the person in charge of each university Minecraft organisation, consulting the relevant person in charge of the Minecraft University Alliance, etc., to understand the current part of the university Minecraft organisations that have a certain scale and a more active atmosphere, to investigate the status quo of the domestic university Minecraft player organisations, and to carry out a brief summary research on the development mode of the university Minecraft organisations. On this basis, this report also discusses the development prospect of open sandbox game organisations under the university system and the practical application of open sandbox games to the concept of “metaverse”.

Download and view the full report: https://www.mualliance.cn/report

Union Authentication and Union Lobby

This system is developed and maintained by Shanghai Jiaotong University Minecraft Club and Central South University Minecraft Club, and is open to all member organisations of MUA as an interoperability technology project.

Union Authentication relies on open-source projects for development, and currently has access to the identity verification systems of 30+ organisations within the MUA, with more than 10,000 university Minecraft players using this system, which enables one account and interconnection and mutual recognition.

The Union Lobby is a technical work based on Union Authentication. By accessing the Union Lobby, colleges and universities can directly access the Minecraft servers of other college and university organisations through the Union Lobby without the need to manually look up the server address, while retaining the original access method. At present, there are more than twenty colleges and universities whose servers have accessed the union lobby and achieved mutual access.

University Alliance Teacons

The University Alliance Teacon is a regular Minecraft talk that has been held for 3 seasons and 19 sessions since 1 May 2022, with the aim of increasing the influence of the MUA on the Minecraft community and university alliance students by inviting famous youtubers and some of the best university Minecraft players to be the keynote speakers. The teacons also provide a way for MUA member organisations to share and learn from each other’s experiences on a regular basis.

University reconstruction project

During the 2023 Gaokao season, MUA collaborated with CCTV and the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League to release videos showcasing university reconstruction projects in Minecraft. The two videos received more than one million plays in total.

Joint contribution video with CCTV network: https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV12z4y1H7VU/

Joint contribution video with the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League: https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1Uz4y1H7mJ/

University Relay Survival

University Relay Survival is an intercollegiate Minecraft relay survival activity involving MUA member organisations. In each edition, a team from a different school is sent to relay the previous archive and create a video record, with the ultimate goal of building a university in the archive that also features the characteristics of each participating school. In the first season, there were a total of nine episodes and videos were released.

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